Baan Phu Thara by Thai Country Home Hua Hin Co. Ltd 

Construction by Hua Hin Quality House – Suppagarn Real Estate Service Co.,Ltd


Contact: Grahame Beecham – Marketing

Dear Potential Client.

This letter is intended to tell you a little about whom we are and the way that we work in connection with a client who is thinking about a possible purchase of property in Thailand.

My name is Grahame Beecham and I am the person at Thai Country Homes who would be looking after you throughout the purchasing process should you decide to purchase a property with us.

I will help to guide you through the whole buying process from introduction to the signing of contracts and take you through the construction process to completion and handover of your property.

I will be your point of contact throughout the whole buying process and will be available at all times to answer any questions that you may have and to supply you with any technical information requested so please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Constructor:

Name: – Mr Eakkarat Suppagarn

Nationality: – Thai

Company: – Suppagarn Real Estate Service Co., Ltd.

Address: – 53 Moo 5, Wongphong, Pranburi, Prachuapkhirikhan, 77120, Thailand

Years in the Building Trade: – 30

Completed Developments in Thailand: – 8

The developer of these villas has already proven himself in designing, building and selling 8 previous developments.

When you buy a home on one of his developments, you can buy with confidence and safe in the knowledge that the professional that you are dealing with has an outstanding track record of delivering satisfaction time and time again!

High end construction and exceptional finishing along with customer care, that is second to none.

These villas come complete with underground electrics – air conditioning – ceiling fans – fully fitted imported European standard kitchen including all appliances, oven, hob, extractor fan, microwave – built in wardrobes and closets in all bedrooms – mosquito / fly screening on exterior sliding doors – landscaped gardens – swimming pool and outside storage room.

Villa owners enjoy a full complement of amenities including – property management service – 24/7 on site security – gardens service – swimming pool service – maid service.

Sales & Marketing:-

Name: – Mr Grahame Beecham

Nationality: – British

Company: – Thai  Country Home hua Hin Co., Ltd.

Address: – 559 Moo 1 Baan Nong Khon, Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin, 77110, Prachuapkhirikhan, Thailand

14 years experience in the property market in Hua Hin

The role of Thai Country Homes:-

Thai Country Homes are developers of pool villas in Thailand. By dealing with Thai Country Homes you are dealing directly with the seller of the property.

We never knowingly provide false information about a property or development.

Deposits paid to Thai Country Homes are Non Refundable unless specified in writing by us.

When purchasing a property, Thai Country Homes requires a deposit of 200,000 take the desired plot from sale.

Contracts are normally signed within 30 days of paying your deposit.

After the 200,000 Baht deposit is paid the plot will be marked as reserved for a 60 day period during which time we go to contracts. If contracts are not signed by the end of the 60 day period a further 200,000 Baht will be required to reserve the plot for for a further 60 day period.

20% of full sales price is due to be paid 7 days after the signing of contracts.

All commissions due to companies or agents involved in the sales & marketing and generating the sale will be paid in full on the first payment made after the signing of contracts.

Payment Schedule:
20% of full sales price 7 days from the signing of contracts.

The remaining 80% less the 200,000 Deposit to be paid in 7 equal monthly payments throughout the 7 month build time with the last payment being made on the completion and handover of the villa.

A payment schedule will be agreed by all parties and included in the signed contract.

On completion and handover the last payment must be made before clients can occupy the property.

Once the property is completed and handed over to the purchaser Thai Country Homes undertakes to rectify any defects (snag work) once at the end of the first month and again at the end of 12 months unless specifically requested by the purchaser and a letter of satisfaction will be signed by the purchaser once all snag work has been completed at the end of the 12 month guarantee period.

Transfer for ownership if purchased by way of a lease is normally made after a 30 day notice is given to the land office that the property has been completed and paid for in full, the purchaser has right to occupy the villa after the last payment has been made.

All transfer and lease costs are to be shared equally between Thai Country Homes and the purchaser.

Although contracts are available to sign direct with Thai Country Homes we always recommend that you take independent legal advice about your purchase. This should be from a lawyer who has experience of the law in Thailand and who is familiar with dealing with the special requirements of foreign people buying there. You are free to use any lawyer of your choice but, if you wish, we can recommend a suitable lawyer to you. We do not receive payment from a lawyer for making an introduction.

We use the services of Legal Services Hua Hin (see the “Legal Partner” section on this website) to draw up all the contracts required to purchase a property on our development, this can save a buyer up to 70,000 Baht and we use Legal Services Hua Hin to make sure that our contracts are written to the very high standard that we require.

Thai Country Homes cover the costs of Legal Services Hua Hin to prepare our Sales & Construction contract along with our Land Lease and Maintenance contracts and if buyers want to use their services in relation to other aspects of buying a property, then they will be happy to inform buyers of their costs.

Legal Services Hua Hin can answer clients questions regarding a purchase but it is a buyers prerogative to seek an independent legal review of all contracts before signing.

Legal Services Hua Hin has a fresh customer oriented approach, providing advice & guidance and they have been appointed the legal partner of Thai Country Homes to deal with all legal aspects of our business here in Thailand.

They would be happy to act on your behalf if you are intending to purchase a property at Thai Country Homes, please feel free to contact them with regard to their services and fees.

The construction contract and the maintenance agreement will be signed by all parties prior to the start of construction, copies of both of these are available on request.

All payments will be made to Thai Country Home Hua Hin Co., Ltd.

The land title deeds, roads and common areas will be owned by Thai Country Home Hua Hin Co., Ltd and land leases will be supplied by this company.

Your role

There are a number of things that you will need to take care of in connection with your purchase of property in Thailand.

  • You should make all necessary inquiries to ensure that the property is suitable for your needs and as described to you.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you can meet all costs associated with your property purchase and the on-going costs of owning your property abroad.
  • It is your responsibility to arrange for any necessary finance needed in connection with your purchase and for the funds to be available where and when needed.
  • It is your responsibility to fulfill any contractual obligations you enter into.

In most cases your lawyer will help you deal with these issues.

Some special points

You may ask us for information about the property you are thinking of buying or the place where you are buying. We will help you as much as possible.

  • You should ask us to put any information that is important to you in writing. We will be happy to do this.
  • It may be that we will not be able to give you information on a particular topic. If so, we will tell you.
  • We will only accept responsibility for information given in writing.
  • Information regarding projected capital appreciation and/or rental yields is very difficult to give. It is provided in good faith and as an estimate only. This information is based on the market conditions and data available at the time and is not guaranteed. We would also recommend that you undertake your own research on these topics if they are important to you.
  • The value of property, and rental yields, can go down as well as up.
  • Property should be viewed as a mid- to long-term investment.
  • Exchange rates can fluctuate, and this may affect the final price of your property purchase.
  • If transferring monies by bank transfer is your preferred payment method all charges made by the sending bank or receiving bank is to be for the purchasers account.
  • Changes in your own circumstances may affect your ability to complete your property purchase.
  • Thai Country Home Co.Ltd may change, delete, add to, or otherwise amend information, plot layouts and development layout from time to time as we have to flexible and move with market demands to complete sales.


We are proud of our levels of service and customer care but if you feel that we have let you down and you wish to make a complaint, please contact me on 0066(0)871089582 or Email Grahame Beecham at –


We hope that you have found this letter of due diligence useful. If you have any queries as to its contents then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Grahame Beecham

For and on behalf of Thai Country Homes

Tel: 0066(0)871089582


Baan Phu Thara Community Solar System

The developers of Baan Phu Thara are providing an innovative community based solar electric scheme. All homes will be equipped with a solar system, which will provide a base load electrical supply for each of the homes.

The current rules in Thailand restrict the rating of each system,. The village is not permitted to export electrical energy to the national grid. Buy back of electricity energy, which is common in Europe and the US, is not available in Thailand at this moment of time.

In Baan Phu Thara we have attempted to provide the maximum advantage of solar electric systems to comply with the current national guidelines for renewable energy applications.

Each house will be equipped with a 5kW inverter and have 3kW of solar roof panels. The system will allow the rating to be readily increased in the future by adding more solar panels from 3 to 5kW.

There is now intense research being carried out on battery technology and rapid advances are anticipated in the near future. The configuration of the Baan Phu Thara system will allow residents to fully take advantage of these future developments. Battery storage can readily be added at a later date.

Each house will have a digital electrical energy meter which does not rotate backwards when the solar energy generated in the home exceeds the energy being consumed by the household. During the night or when the household consumption exceeds the solar electricity during the day, the energy meter will rotate in the forward direction, indicating electrical energy is being taken from the PEA supply. Energy from the PEA is chargeable at the commercial rate.

Energy saving is also built into the house design. The swimming pool pump is an ECO pump, air conditioning is inverter fed, LED lighting is used throughout the house and roof insulation all ensure that energy usage is kept to a minimum.

The rating of the solar system is designed to broadly match the energy consumption of the household during the day when solar electrical energy is being produced. In the event of the solar electric energy for any household exceeding the energy consumption then the solar energy produced electric will be exported through the development meter and can be used within the community reducing  the community electricity bill as a whole and the total monthly government electric charge would then be divided by the amount of units used per each meter.