Facilities Baan Phu Thara

Baan Phu Thara management company services include:

  • Fitness center, communal spa bath, set in quiet tropical gardens that epitomises relaxation and refined living.
  • Shuttle Bus to and from Hua Hin (On completion of Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the development)
  • Maid Service.
  • 24 hour security guards.
  • Trash removal.
  • Common areas cleaned.
  • Office manager for inquiries.


Compulsory Common Fees:

3,000 Baht per Month per plot (Estimated)

Services include:

24 Hour Security – Communal Development Facilities – Servicing Common Gardens and flowerbeds – Cleaning of Common Areas and Roads – Trash Removal – Service

Manager and Office Staff.

*Optional Fees – Private Garden & Swimming Pool Service:-

Swimming Pool to be cleaned and serviced 2 times a week including chemicals (top up water for property owner’s account)

Gardens serviced 2 times a week to include when required, watering, grass cutting, trimming, sweeping and the removal of cuttings etc.

*Cost of Garden & Swimming Pool Service:-

To be negotiated directly between the house owner and the contractor.

Maid Service:

Maids to clean your property can be supplied by Baan Phu Thara management office. Please contact the office for details.

*Common fees will rise in line with inflation.

Sinking Fund – Please refer to question 9 under the “Information” section of this website.

Baan Phu Thara Community Solar System 

The developers of Baan Phu Thara are providing an innovative community based solar electric scheme. All homes will be equipped with a solar system, which will provide a base load electrical supply for each of the homes. 

The current rules in Thailand restrict the rating of each system, the village is not permitted to export electrical energy to the national grid and a buyback of electricity energy, which is common in Europe and the US, is not available in Thailand at this moment of time. 

In Baan Phu Thara we have attempted to provide the maximum advantage of solar electric systems to comply with the current national guidelines for renewable energy applications.  

Please Note: – As regulations change, we may have to make changes as to how the solar system can work within the community to comply with government regulations.

Each house will be equipped with a 5kW inverter and have 3kW of solar roof panels. The system will allow the rating to be readily increased in the future by adding more solar panels from 3 to 5kW. Some buyers have installed 5kW panels and a 10kW inverter (price on request) this would allow them to increase to a 10kW system in the future without the need to upgrade their inverter. If upgrading to a 10kW system, then the use of a battery back-up would be required to store the unused electricity generated during the day to use in the evening / nighttime. Batteries can be a big investment and we would suggest that you take professional independent advice to see if the system would be cost effective, with your average usage. 

There is now intense research being carried out on battery technology and rapid advances are anticipated soon. The configuration of the Baan Phu Thara system will allow residents to fully take advantage of these future developments. Battery storage can readily be added later. 

Each house will have a digital electrical energy meter and in line with government regulations the meter does not rotate backwards when the solar energy generated in the home exceeds the energy being consumed by the household. Energy from the PEA (Provincial Electric Authority) will be charged at the rate charged to the development plus 1 Baht per unit to cover any maintenance issues with the underground wiring or meters. 

The water supply is metered and charged directly to the household from Pranburi Water. 

Energy saving is also built into the house design. The swimming pool has an (optional extra) ECO pump, air conditioning is inverter, LED lighting is used throughout the house and under roof insulation all ensure that energy usage is kept to a minimum. Over ceiling insulation is available as an optional extra.