A Community Solar Development

Prestigious residential pool villas in the most exclusive resort of Hua Hin

Our Concept

Baan Phu Thara translates as “Home – Mountain – Water” epitomizing the quiet natural environment of this development.

Creating luxury environments with low maintenance and low energy costs.

Thai Country Homes specialises in premium properties in quiet country locations, we are renowned for designing and building beautiful homes with a meticulous eye for detail and an emphasis on subtle luxury.

We select the most desirable locations and insist on excellence in build quality, design and finishing.

The smallest detail is carefully considered to ensure our homes complement contemporary living and enhance your lifestyle.

Our villas can be fitted with a 2 zone (Lounge and Terrace) Nuvo home audio system which gives an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions specially designed to match incredible fidelity with the latest in streaming source variety and intuitive control.

All of our Villa designs are wheelchair access friendly and all of our villas come with an a automated safety lighting system in the case of a power failure and a security alarm for peace of mind.

A concept that offers outstanding value, combining classic architecture that is in keeping with its surroundings and innovative features all balanced by a continuous awareness of “green living”

As our target market is aimed primarily towards people coming to live in Hua Hin as a better option for a higher quality of life, we feel that the property that they purchase should reflect this, as this maybe a last major purchase for those people retiring.

Obviously budgets are all important with regard to a purchase and Thai Country Homes has tried to get the balance right as to what is important in a home regarding quality, finishing, low maintenance and low energy costs at a very affordable price.

As a complete package we believe that our product is very hard to beat for an exceptional lifestyle.

Green Developments in Thailand

Thailand is well known for its natural beauty. The country is blessed with long stretches of sandy beaches, lush tropical forests and evergreen hills. It is no wonder tourists from all over the world flock in their thousands each year to visit Thailand to soak in its natural splendour. This natural beauty is also the very reason we have seen a huge property boom in the country.

Environmental issue is now at the forefront of every political platform in all the developed and developing nations where people are opting for greener alternatives and finding ways to reduce their carbon footprints. The issue has been around for decades but it is only recently that it has had such immense mass appeal. Consumer choices are beginning to affect the way goods and services are produced and this includes the way properties are being built. Discerning buyers are now looking, and at times, demanding for properties to be built in a responsible and sustainable manner.

It is beginning to get more and more difficult to ignore the impact we have on the environment. We as responsible citizens feel there is something we should do to help lessen the impact we have on the ecosystem. There is a sensitive balance between sustainability and commerce which has traditionally been at odds with one another. Today, however, we are starting to see an emergence of sustainable development and commercial interest being integrated into a fully marketable product. As buyers become more sophisticated, the supply in the markets for more sustainable development will inevitably follow. In the near future, we would expect ECO systems to be a common standard for all properties in Thailand.

Real Estate Investment and Potential in Thailand:

Just like a passenger jet hurtling through the sky at 800 km/h, Thailand’s real estate economy seems to have a clever way of withstanding heavy turbulence.

In recent years, the country has faced floods, political instability and, more recently in 2016, the death of His Majesty the King. Despite all of this, investor confidence in 2017 remains high, which is reflected in both property prices and the number of new construction projects being commissioned up and down the country.

Almost every sector of the market has experienced continual growth year-on-year for the previous 13 years, currently, there are over 1,000 brand new luxury properties on the market (defined as units costing over THB 10 million) in Bangkok alone.

As we know, Thailand has an ample supply of cultural cities, pretty coastal towns and tropical islands drawing in foreign investment for obvious reasons, the resort of Hua Hin, for decades, the favourite of the Thai Royal Family continues to flourish, and remains a popular destination for foreign buyers, boasting beautiful beaches, a thriving arts scene, and several world-renowned golf courses.  A recently opened ferry service from Hua Hin to Pattaya, with a journey time across the Gulf of Thailand in less than two hours, plus the future construction of the high-speed train line to Bangkok and beyond gives appeal for foreign and local buyers alike and with International flights from Hua Hin airport starting later this year Hua Hin is an increasingly easy destination to get to.

The fact remains, however, is that Thailand is a more attractive investment market (compared to nearby Southeast Asian countries) for both property developers and buyers thanks to a multitude of reasons. As long as Thailand remains on the top of that ‘bucket list’ for millions of people worldwide, as well as continued infrastructure and business, we can expect that the real estate market’s resilience to stay strong.

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Exceptional Lifestyle – Peace of Mind

The Complete Package at Thai Country Homes

Building Specifications

  • Foundation – Reinforced concrete support columns on piled or pad footings.
  • Structure – Reinforced concrete support columns.
  • Floors – Reinforced concrete ring beam and reinforced concrete slab.
  • Under floor piped pest control system.
  • Car Parking – Reinforced concrete slab.
  • Terrace – Reinforced concrete slab flamed granite finish.
  • Swimming Pool – Ceramic tiled finished with water proof grout.
  • Exterior Garden Walls – 2 m high 14 cm concrete block, cement rendered and painted.
  • Exterior House Walls – 14 cm concrete block, cement rendered and painted.
  • Pitched Roof – Steel frame supported by reinforced concrete ring beam and concrete roof tile.
  • Under roof tile insulation.
  • Flat Roof – Reinforced waterproof concrete slab.
  • Rain Guttering – UPVC gutters and downpipes.
  • Over ground water storage tanks or *Underground water storage tank (Reinforced concrete)
  • Exterior Doors and Windows – UPVC single or *double glazed units and expandable fly screening fitted to all exterior sliding doors.
  • Ceilings – Gypsum Board with white painted finish.
  • *3 inch aluminum insulation over ceiling boards.
  • Interior Floors – Ceramic tiles.
  • Interior Walls – 7 cm concrete block with rendered finish.
  • Interior Walls – Plastered with painted finish.
  • Bathroom Interior walls – 7 cm concrete block finished with ceramic tiles.
  • Bathroom Equipment – American Standard.
  • Bathroom Built in Furniture – Laminate finish, granite top.
  • Bedroom Built in Furniture – Laminate finish, aluminum handles.
  • Interior Doors – Wood with Laminate finish.
  • Handles – Hafele or equivalent.
  • * Items Optional extra’s
  • Kitchen – European kitchen with granite work surface.
  • Kitchen Utilities – Hafele / Cotto / Franke or equivalent including oven, hot plates, microwave, fridge, dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Lighting – LED.
  • Air Conditioning – All independent units, surface mounted, energy saving invertor units
  • Electric remote control adjustable speed ceiling fans
  • Electric Remote gate control with safety stop censor
  • Hot Water – Central hot water cylinder.
  • Electrical system – P.V.C. conduit for all wiring, control panel and electrical accessories
  • The electrical system is designed, installed and tested to be fully compliant with local electrical authority and IEC International standards.
  • Solar roof panels
  • Waste Water – Septic tank system
  • Water Drainage – Drains around the surrounding wall, connected to the project main drainage system.
  • Security Alarm and Automated Safety Lighting System

ECO Systems

Community energy sharing for a sustainable future

Nuvo Home Audio System

All of our villas are fitted with a 2 zone (Lounge and Terrace) Nuvo home audio system which gives an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions specially designed to match incredible fidelity with the latest in streaming source variety and intuitive control.

Nuvo systems are the perfect fit for any home.

When we build a new home by fitting the award-winning Nuvo audio system it will transform your lifestyle with the music you love – from PCs, streaming services, mobile devices, and more – delivered to 2 different locations within your home, always in stunning high-fidelity.

With Nuvo’s multi-room audio solutions you can listen to all of your favorite music, all of the time. Effortlessly accessible through our mobile apps for our wired and wireless audio systems. Streaming services include worldwide radio stations.

Eco Pool Villas in Thailand

Security Alarm & CCTV Cameras

All of our villas are fitted with a security alarm and CCTV cameras which are internet linked so that you can view your property from anywhere in the world from your computer, Ipad or mobile phone.